Monday, 18 August 2014

The Crazy World of Loom

If you have never heard the word "loom" before, where have you been the past few months?!

Loom bands

Loom bands are small rubber bands of different colours, which people use to make things. It started off being bracelets, necklaces and other little bits of jewellery, but now it's gotten to the stage where a girl is even selling a Loom dress on eBay!

I heard about Loom from my younger brother (11) and sister (9) who were with the craze right from the start. They started with bracelets and rings, but now my brother has even made Merida from the Disney movie Brave out of Loom bands!

Unfortunately when Loom bands first became popular I was in the middle of studying for my GCSEs, so I didn't have time to learn how to make bracelets or anything. Two weeks ago, I finally got round to buying some Loom bands of my own and my sister has taught me how to make a fishtail bracelet and an inverted fishtail bracelet.

So I've now joined the crazy world of loom, and so I'll be well on my way to being able to sell my own Loom dress! (Haha :) )

 Inverted Fishtail Bracelet 
♡ Fishtail Bracelet 

♡ Chain Bracelet 
- Velvet Lilies x

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