Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My Experience With Gel Nails

At the end of the first week of August, I got gel polish applied to my  fingernails. I went for a pretty raspberry pink colour and I was so happy with the outcome. The beautician who had applied them told me to leave them on for 2 to 3 weeks before removing them. She informed me that it was simple to remove them at home and much easier than coming back to the salon and that there are lots of Youtube videos, explaining how to remove them easily.

For about a week and a half everything was great. My nails didn't chip and the gel polish stayed on perfectly. However, my nails are naturally very strong and grow abnormally fast, so after about a week and a half the bottom of the gel closest to my cuticle started getting in the way of things and annoying me. For example, if I was washing my hair, the bottoms of the gel would get caught in my hair and I didn't want to pull to hard because I knew that if I ripped the gel off, it could take off my nail bed too. 

Exactly 2 weeks after getting the gel on, I decided I'd had enough of them and searched on Youtube 'how to remove gel nails at home'. I watched about 5 videos all showing the same thing: apply acetone to a bit of cotton and place it on your fingernail, wrap each of your fingertips with tin foil and leave them for about 15-20 minutes. I followed these steps for both of my hands and when I removed the tin foil only the edge of the gel on each finger was ready to come off. I didn't scrape the rest of it because I knew how easy it is to remove the nail bed along with the gel, which is not good. The next day I decided to try again and the same thing happened, so I left it for a few days as the acetone had totally dried out my nails.

As you can see my nails had grown quite a lot in the space of 2 weeks
(As you can also see, I was going to make a blog post titled 'How To Remove
Gel Nails' but that obviously didn't go according to plan, haha)

I had to go into school on Thursday 28th August (2 weeks and 6 days after getting the gel applied) and we are not allowed to wear nail polish to school, so I had to have it removed by then. After doing another search of the internet, I saw an article about filing the gel off. I followed the instructions and managed to remove the gel on my thumb. The only problem was it took me an hour and a half to do my thumb alone! There was no way I was able to remove the gel from 9 more fingers in the space of a day. Long story short, I had to go into school with the gel still on my fingernails. I tried my hardest to hide them and thankfully no teachers noticed, but as soon as I was out of school my mum took me to the a different salon to book an appointment to have them removed.

The next day, I finally got them off. The beautician filed the gel on my left hand off because most of it was gone anyway. For my right hand, she did the removal method of the acetone and tin foil and wrapped a plastic bag around my hand, which she put inside a heating pad. After removing all of the gel she could by that method, she filed the rest of it off. My nails were left very dry with scratch marks along the surface of them, but I was just glad they were off. Every night since then, I've been using Soap and Glory Hand Food, a hand moisturiser, and Sally Hanson Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil, which you apply to your nails and cuticles and massage in. My nails are slowly but surely getting back to their strong and moisturised natural state.

If you take anything from my experience, please take these three points: 
-Gel nail polish has it's advantages but also it's disadvantages.
-If you get it done, no matter what anyone says, go back to the beautician to get them removed. It's so much easier than trying to do it at home.
-Be aware that no matter what way you get them removed, your nails will be left very weak and dry so make sure to apply plenty of oils and moisturisers to them after.

Have you ever had gel nails applied? If so, was your experience better than mine?

- Velvet Lilies x

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