Friday, 21 November 2014

It's a Costa Christmas

There's nothing I love more than calling into a coffee shop on a freezing cold, dark evening and picking up a hot drink to keep me alive, basically, and I think Costa Coffee is the perfect place for this! Coming up to Christmas, they release a range of winter drinks, perfect for warming up your cold hands.

There's something for everyone on this seasonal menu. If you're a coffee-drinker, you can choose from a Sticky Toffee Latte, a Praline Cappuccino or even a Gingerbread and Cream Latte, which I, personally, can't wait to try.

If you're more of a hot chocolate kind of person, you can choose from a Brownie Hot Chocolate with Cream (yummm!), an Orange Hot Chocolate with Costa Magic dusting and Belgian Chocolate, or a White Hot Chocolate, which I had last weekend.

My sister tried their White Hot Chocolate last year and went on about it all year (I'm not joking), so when my mum and dad decided to pop into Costa with my sisters and I for a drink last weekend, I knew I had to try it. And, boy, did I love it. I love white chocolate (possibly even more than milk chocolate) and hot chocolate is my favourite hot drink so put the two together and you have what is perfection in my eyes.

I love how Christmas-y the café itself looked with all their Christmas posters up and their take-out cups are the cutest things I've ever seen!

If you love hot drinks and Christmas (who doesn't?!) then I urge you to drop into your local Costa (which you can find here) and try something from their Christmas menu. If you have a sweet tooth, like me, a White Hot Chocolate or a Sticky Toffee Latte will totally satisfy it, not to mention get you into the spirit of Christmas!

- Caoimhe x


  1. I hardly ever go to Costa, but I bloomin' love it, so whenever I do, it's like a huge treat. I've only had one drink from the Christmas menu so far, the orange hot chocolate. Ohhhh, be still, y beating heart, it's so so good! I desperately want to try the white chocolate one and the gingerbread latte. It all sounds so amazing though! Christmas is definitely the best time for flavours x

    Olivia's Notebook

    1. Aw yeah, the Orange Hot Chocolate looks SO good! You should definitely try the White Hot Chocolate - it's amazing :D I really want to try the Gingerbread Latte, I think it would be like Christmas in a cup :D I totally agree! So many menus get better at Christmas x

  2. That looks flippin' amazing! I'm pretty tempted to sneak off to Costa during my lunch break tomorrow after reading this :)
    Amanda x

    Made of Codes

    1. It is SO good! I'm so happy they're doing their Christmas specials again this year :) x



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