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Liebster Award

I would like to say a huge thank you to the five lovely bloggers who nominated me for this award: Beth, SamanthaCarolLauren and Betty. Beth is a lifestyle blogger, Samantha and Betty are beauty and lifestyle bloggers, and Carol and Lauren are beauty bloggers. I would highly recommend all of their blogs! They write really interesting and helpful posts so definitely go check them out if you haven't already!

The rules of the award are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Post 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you and then create an eleven question set for the next group of nominees.
  • Choose 11 people to nominate and link them on the post. 
  • Let your nominees know they've been tagged - and no tag backs!

My 11 facts:
(I've tried to make them different from any of the facts I've posted about myself before)
  1. Pretty packaging attracts me to anything. If I see something in a shop with pretty (preferably pink) packaging, I will want it, even if I know I don't need it. It's kind of a problem...
  2. I have blue eyes.
  3. My favourite food is pasta. I will literally eat any dish containing pasta.
  4. I want to be in a girlband. I know it's totally random but I love seeing Little Mix and the Saturdays, for example, being fabulous together and living up to the words 'girl power.' (This desire might have stemmed from the fact that the first musical acts I loved were the Sugababes and Girls Aloud, haha)
  5. I did 'Additional Maths' for GCSE, which is the step in between GCSE Maths and A Level Maths (which I'm not doing). Yeah, even though I'm pretty bad at Maths, I somehow managed to get into the top class... I haven't done Maths since my GCSE exam in the middle of June and it totally shows. The other day in Marks and Spencer, my mum was buying tags for Christmas presents and asked me "what are 6 6's?" and I answered straightaway, thinking I was so smart, "24." Wow. Just wow, Caoimhe.
  6. I'm 5'1'' and haven't grown in the past year so I think it's pretty likely that I'll be this height forever, haha
  7. I have two sisters and one brother and I'm the eldest of the lot.
  8. I have an addiction to the New York Bakery Co's cinnamon and raisin bagels.
  9. I have braces and have done for nearly 10 months. Unlikely, a huge majority of people I look forward to going to the orthodontist because I love getting the colour of them changed. (Don't ask...)
  10. I have never been to America but it's somewhere that I really want to visit.
  11. I actually find myself enjoying studying sometimes (gosh, I sound like a complete weirdo in this post haha) but it's only if I'm really organised and am studying ages in advance to an exam. I find it quite relaxing when I am organised and I love the peace and quiet of being alone when I study. However, when I'm cramming for an exam a few days in advance them I don't enjoy it at all. I'll be stressed out to the max and probably crying, hahaha

Questions for me:

Beth's questions
1. What's your biggest dream in life?
I have a lot of dreams I would love to achieve but I know some of them would be very difficult. I think my biggest dream though is to be happy with my life: to be happy with what I'm doing, to be happy with the people I surround myself with and to be happy with myself.
2. Who is your secret celebrity crush and why?
I have SO MANY celebrity crushes hahaha. My biggest celebrity crush at the minute is Bradley Simpson, the lead singer of the Vamps, because he's so funny and cute and kind and an amazing singer and has amazing hair and the nicest eyes I've ever seen.
Look. Look how cute he is. Just look. Awwww.
Some of my other crushes include Josh Hutcherson, Joe Sugg, Zac Efron (who wouldn't?!), Bradley Cooper (age is just a number, okay?!).
3. What is the weirdest fact you have about yourself?
Probably either number 9 or 11 in my facts above, haha
4. What made you start blogging?
I read a lot of blogs before I started and they really inspired me. As I love writing and all things beauty and fashion related, I thought "Hey, why don't I give this a go?" and here I am.
5. What style of blogs interest you the most?
I love different types of blogs for so many reasons. I have 4 favourite types and they are beauty, fashion, lifestyle and music ones. I love reading helpful reviews and about useful techniques for applying makeup and stuff on beauty blogs. I love seeing seeing people's creativity and seeing what's in style on fashion blogs. I love reading about people's lives, what they get up to and where they go on lifestyle blogs. And I love finding out about new music and artists from music blogs.
6. If you had to live with only one possession of your choice, what would it be?
Probably my iPod. I wouldn't be able to go even a day without listening to music!
7. What is the number one on your bucketlist?
Visit Adelaide in Australia, the place I was born.
8. If you could go on the ultimate dream holiday where would it be?
Probably somewhere in America. I would love to visit my auntie and uncle in Nashville.
9. Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?
I'm going to have to go with autumn.
10. Would you swap places with anyone for one day?
I would love to swap places with someone like Taylor Swift just to see what it's like to be that famous and be able to play music to so many people who are willing to listen to it.
11. What is your best memory?
Some of the best memories I have are of the Spanish exchange I took part in last year. The week I spent in Spain and the week the Spanish people spent here were honestly two of the best weeks of my life. I made so many friends who I still talk to. I'm even going to Madrid in January and staying with one of the girls from the exchange. I can't wait!


Samantha's Questions

1. Where would you like to travel?
I would like to travel everywhere. At the minute, if I can afford it, my plan is to do my undergraduate degree at university and then take a year out just to travel everywhere before coming back to do a postgrad.
2. Comfy or Classy?
When I'm going out I like to be classy and wear heels and stuff but at home, I make it my aim to wear the comfiest clothes I can find.
3. What's your favourite lipstick?
I love Clinique's Long Last Lipstick in the shade 'Sugared Maple Soft Shine'
4. Night or morning person?
I wish I was a morning person but I'm definitely a night owl.
5. What's your favourite music album?
At the minute I am loving X by Ed Sheeran and 1989 by Taylor Swift.
6. What's your favourite thing to eat?
Pasta and chocolate. Not together though...
7. What's your favourite season and why?
Autumn because I love seeing the leaves changing colour and the pretty scenery. I also love the crisp, cool feeling of autumn air.
8. Are you reading a book, if so, what one, if not, what was your last book?
I'm reading How To Love by Katie Contugno
9. What's your favourite movie?
I love so many movies and I have different favourites depending on what type of mood I'm in, but I think my all-time favourite is 30 Going On 30 (I love a good romcom!)
10. Why did you start a blog?
Like I said above, I read a lot of blogs before I started and they really inspired me. As I love writing and all things beauty and fashion related, I thought "Hey, why don't I give this a go?" and here I am.
11. What's your favourite series?
Pretty Little Liars, without a doubt.


Carol's Questions

1. What is something about you that most people would find surprising?
I'd say probably the fact that I play golf. I don't talk about it much expect to my family and when I tell I play they're like, "You play GOLF?! :O" as shocked as if I'd told them I'd been to outer space.
2. What is at the top of your bucket list?
Visit Adelaide in Australia, the place I was born.
3. Do you believe in the supernatural?
I didn't used to and then my uncle told me about his experiences staying in two or three different haunted houses and I definitely believe in spirits remaining in places.
4. What was your last memory about relating to the circus?
I've been to a circus once in my life when I was 8. I don't remember that much about it but I do remember that I hated it. I didn't like the way the animals were treated and I didn't find it interesting to watch at all.
5. Who is someone you look up to and why?
I really look up to both of my parents. They are what I aspire to be like in the future. They are so kind and work their butts off so that they can give me and my siblings what we want. But they don't spoil us, no, they've found the happy medium. They've taught me that not everything in life comes easy and you have to work to get to where you want to be. If I have children in the future and I became even half the parent they have been to me, I would be pretty darn happy.
6. What do you like the most about blogging?
I don't know what I love the most but I love writing posts and taking pictures for them. I love reading other people's posts and leaving (nice) comments under them. And I love the blogging community and how supportive everyone is of each other :)
7. What is one item you feel "naked" without?
This may sound weird but I feel naked when I don't have my headphones with me, especially if I know I'm going on a car journey, on public transport or for a walk. When I'm on my way to school and I reach into my pocket and they're not there, I can almost hear my heart ripping in two. Horrible.
8. Do you have something you like or follow obsessively? ( Example: tv show, book, celeb, etc.)
Oh my gosh, so many things! Too many things! I could literally write a whole blog post on things I like or follow obsessively so I'll only say a few here. For TV shows, Pretty Little Liars and New Girl. For movies, the Hunger Games. For books, the Hunger Games and literally all of Sarah Dessen's books. For singers and bands, The Vamps, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and The Script. And also loads of Youtubers like Zoe and Joe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, and the rest of the British Crew, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Weylie Hoang, Niki and Gabi, Essie Button, Fleur DeForce, Bubz and so many more.
9. What app on your phone/tablet do you use the most?
Probably Word Reference, to be honest. Pretty sad, but yeah. As I'm doing languages for A Level I'm always reading blog posts, articles, books or whatever else I can get my hands on, in French and Spanish and looking up the vocabulary I don't know.
10. What tv show can you not stop watching at the moment and why?
The Apprentice. Oh my gosh I am loving it! I find it so interesting and entertaining watching them all coming up with their business ideas. Some of the people on it are so cocky and when they get something wrong I find it pretty funny (sorry, that makes me sound like a horrible person but it's true haha). I also love the anticipation Lord Sugar builds up before he fires someone. I'm always on the edge of my seat at that part.
11. If teleportation was real, where would be the first place you would go and why?
Probably America, like I mentioned earlier. I don't know what it is about America but everyone that goes there seems to love it and I would love to see it and experience the life there.


Lauren's Questions

1. What is your favourite clothing store?

Either H&M or New Look

2. What is your favourite sent?

Spiced apple and cinnamon

3. If you had to be a celebrity for a day who would you want to be?
Probably Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lawrence
4. What is your favourite makeup brand?
Rimmel London
6. Summer or winter? Why?
Winter because winter means Christmas, my favourite time of the year.
7. Who is your favourite celebrity?
I have so many! Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, The Vamps boys, Zoey Deschanel, Lucy Hale, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson…and SO many more
8. Favourite restaurant?
Pizza Express. Yummm!
9. If you have a free day what do you do?
I love to chill out and watch a movie, read for a bit, maybe take a bath and just treat myself.
10. Favourite pizza?
Pepperoni or ham and pineapple
11. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
America or Australia

Betty's Questions

1. Favourite thing about Christmas?
The Christmas spirit! I love how happy people are around Christmas and I love seeing people embrace this spirit and showing care and concern for those who maybe can't have as good a Christmas as others.
2. If you had to only eat one food/dish forever what would it be?
3. Winter or Summer?
4. Your essential blogging tip for others?
Enjoy what you do and be interested in what you write about. If you're passionate about it, it really comes through in your writing :)
5. If you were an animal which would it be & why?
I had no idea when I first saw this question but I took this quiz and it says I would be 'graceful giraffe' because "they seek to make others feel like they’re the most important person with whom they can spend time, and always put the needs of others first" and "they live according to personal standards that are higher than any given code of conduct, and incorporate dignity, honor, and respect in extending grace to others—even when things have not gone their way." That sums me up pretty accurately, I guess.
6. Describe yourself in 3 words
Small. Independent. Friendly.
7. Dogs or Cats?
8. Celebrity male crush?
The beautiful/talented/hilarious/adorable Bradley Will Simpson of The Vamps, whom you can read more about above in the first set of questions :D
9. Why did you start blogging?
Like I said earlier, I read a lot of blogs before I started and they really inspired me. As I love writing and all things beauty and fashion related, I thought "Hey, why don't I give this a go?" and here I am.
10. What makes you smile most?
A LOT of things make me smile but the biggest one would be my family and friends :)
11. Best advice you've been given?
Nothing in life comes free - you can't get anywhere without working hard.

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My questions to you:
1. Dogs or cats?
2. What is your favourite place that you have visited?
3. What is your favourite song at the minute?
4. What is your earliest memory?
5. What has been your proudest moment so far?
6. Do you have any bad habits?
7. What is your favourite fast food restaurant?
8. What is your favourite perfume?
9. What is your idea of a perfect day?
10. What is your favourite social networking site?
11. Have you ever met a celebrity? If not, who would you like to meet?

Thanks again to Beth, Samantha, Carol, Lauren and Betty for nominating me! I had so much fun writing this post and I hope you learnt a few new things about me and sorry if I scared you a bit, some of those facts and answers were a bit weird, hahaha
I can't wait to read my nominees' facts and answers :)

- Caoimhe x


  1. On your facts:
    9. I feel ya sista, I have braces too!!
    10. Agreed!!

    Alice x

    1. Oh thank goodness! I thought I was the only person with braces who felt that way - I'm glad I'm not alone hahah :D x

  2. Loving your blog!
    Isabelle xx



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