Wednesday, 5 November 2014

"Trick-or-Treat!" -My Skin

Last week was Halloween, which meant a full week off school. When it hit 3:30pm last Friday, my last day of school, I thought I had a totally relaxing, stress-free 9 days ahead of me. But my skin had other ideas.

Over the first weekend of the holiday, my skin was fine. I had a few small, minor spots on my forehead, but they were hardly noticeable and didn't cause me any worry as this is what my skin is like the majority of the time anyway thanks to those lovely teenage hormones. However, on Tuesday I noticed that a lot more spots were starting to appear on my forehead, many along my hairline. I also noticed that my chin, which was clear before, also had a few spots on it and was quite red.

At the end of last year I went through a period of having quite bad acne and my GP had prescribed for me a gel called Epiduo, which is to be applied directly to where spots appear, and gave me the instructions to apply it as soon as I even sensed new spots appearing. I used this gel on my spots before going to bed everyday from Tuesday. I felt quite self-consious about my skin so during the day I dabbed my favourite concealer, Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer, on my forehead and my skin and it definitely did the trick. The gel began to work and soon the spots were settling down and I was feeling a bit happier about my skin. At least for a day or so...

Then, on Thursday, I woke up with itchy and sore skin around my eyes and on my chin and when I looked in the mirror I saw that they were red and my eyelids and a small area at the edge of my eye were very dry. I used my daily moisturiser, Simple Kind To Skin Protecting Light Moisturiser, but it really irritated the skin around my eyes and on my chin. So I turned to my trusty helper Google and found out that dry, scaly eyelids can be caused by many things, some of which are makeup, eyelash curlers, shampoo or hair dye. I thought, for me, the most likely factors would be makeup or eyelash curlers, and so for the next few days I didn't apply any makeup to my eyelids and stopped using my eyelash curlers. The dryness didn't get any worse but it didn't get any better either.

So, I decided to take a chance and use my Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, praying it would irritate my skin anymore. I applied the moisturiser like I would a face mask so that my skin could absorb as much as it needed in order to repair itself. Straight away, the dryness had significantly decreased and after doing this twice more, my skin was completely back to normal.

I now know that it wasn't my makeup that caused my dry skin as I have worn it since and it hasn't had that effect but I still haven't used my eyelash curlers. I also don't know what caused my skin to break out so badly but my best guess is just hormones. Maybe my skin was getting into the Halloween mood and wanted to go trick-or-treating on my face, who knows?! I'm just glad that my skin is back to normal now and at least I know what to do to treat it if something similar happens again.

I hope you all had a great Halloween!

- Caoimhe x


  1. That sounds so crazy what happened with your skin. :/ I hate it when unexpected breakouts happen or skin redness. The skin irritation you experienced could be an allergic reaction to something you ate too. Definitely clean/sanitize your makeup brushes and the eyelash curler just in case if you havn't already.

    PS: I nominated you for the Liebster Award because I really like your blog.Here is a link to my post and instructions on what to do:

    x Carol

    1. I hate it too - it's such an inconvenience! I was thinking it could have been something I ate, but I can't remember what I ate before it happened! I guess I'll find out if it happens again :P

      Aw thank you so much for the nomination! It's so kind of you :) x



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