Friday, 9 January 2015

Aussie Dual Personality Styling Curl Definition & Soft Feel Serum | Review

I absolutely love this product - it's fast becoming one of my favourite hair care products. I have hair that's on the oily side and even though this product is an oil, it doesn't leave my hair looking or feeling greasy at all.

You can use it on wet or dry hair but I prefer using it on wet hair. When I wash my hair and am leaving it to dry naturally, I put two pumps of this in my palms, rub them together and apply it to the middle section to the ends of my hair. My hair is naturally wavy and this does exactly what it's name says its does. It defines my waves, making my hair curly (which I love!) and well-conditioned when it's dry.

I would recommend this product to anyone, no matter whether you have dry, normal or oily hair. It's a definite bargain at £5.19 from Boots and I'm so glad I spotted it while I was in there a few weeks ago!

My Rating: 5/5☺

Have you tried this product? If so, do you like it?

- Caoimhe x


  1. great review, I haven't used this yet but I get really frizzy hair so will definitely give it a go! would love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)


    1. Yes, you definitely should give it a go! It leaves my hair silky and smooth :)
      Yeah I'll definitely check it out! :) x



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