Saturday, 14 March 2015

My Favourite Body Lotions

I have quite a wide range of body lotions and body butters because I love getting out of the shower and applying something both moisturising and lovely-smelling to my skin. My top 3 favourites change every so often but the ones I have been loving at the minute are The Body Shop's Strawberry Body Butter, Ted Baker Butterfly Wings Body Lotion and Soap and Glory Righteous Butter Body Butter.

I change between the three of them depending on how I'm feeling. If I want something more moisturising I'll use the Ted Baker one but if I'm feeling in the mood for something fruity and sweet smelling, I'll use the Body Shop one or if I'm feeling quite girly or whatever I'll use the Soap and Glory one.

All of these body lotions I've had for quite a while - they all last ages, especially the Ted Baker one! They are really good value for money and you can find the Ted Baker and Soap and Glory body lotions in Boots and the Body Shop one in, yep you guessed it, the Body Shop.

n terms of smells, which is my favourite thing about body lotions and body butters, these three all smell amazing! The Ted Baker body lotion smells quite floral and fresh. It kind of reminds me of nature and the woods for some reason, but trust me when I say it's so good! The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter smells like, again you guessed it, strawberries. But it's quite a different strawberry smell than other strawberry-scented products I've smelled before. It's quite sweet but not sickeningly. To me it smells like the strawberry-flavoured Calpol medicine, if anyone used to be given that as a child, haha! But in a really good way, like sometimes when I'm in school and I have applied it that morning I just discretely sniff my wrist in class to smell it - I mean that in the least weird and creepy way possible, hahaha! The Soap and Glory Body Butter smells like the rest of S&G's bath and body range. It can only be described as quite fruity and just really girly! You'll understand what I mean when you smell it!

I would definitely recommend all three of these body lotions and butters.They are so moisturising and leave my skin feeling so soft and smelling so good all day.

What are your favourite body lotions and body butters? Have you tried any of these three?

- Caoimhe x 


  1. I love the Ted Baker one it smells gorgeous!

    1. Omg yes! It's so moisturising too :) x



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