Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Top 5 Tunesday #10

As you will already know if you my very fangirly April Round-Up, I attended 2 concerts in April: one was to see Olly Murs and the other was The Vamps.

Now I don't know about you, but after I go to a concert, the artist I went to see is all I listen to for a solid month afterwards. I literally become obsessed. Throughout April I had Olly's album 'Never Been Better' on repeat and The Vamps' album 'Meet The Vamps' ( but I always have that on repeat so there's not really much difference there ;D). Therefore, this should really be a Top 35 Tunesday featuring all the songs off both of these albums but don't worry, I'll keep it at 5! I've decided to pick my 2 favourite songs of Olly's and 3 favourite of The Vamps at the minute.

So, without further rambling (seriously, be quiet Caoimhe and get onto the actual content of the post), here are 5 of my top 35 most listened-to songs of April...


1. Risk It All - The Vamps

This is my all-time favourite Vamps song. (Saying that, I'll say that now and then next week it'll be a totally different song, haha!) It's such a beautiful song and I love literally everything about it from the lyrics to the melody to their voices on the track. Obviously I love how it sounds on the album but I think I actually prefer the live version. They bring out a beautiful guitar melody which isn't heard on the track and it just sounds amazing live!


2. Seasons - Olly Murs
Oh my goodness, this song is SO catchy!!! I first heard it a few days before going to Olly's concert and since then, it's rarely been out of my head! But I'm not complaining because it's such a good song!
It was so funny at the concert because he told the audience he wanted to do vocal warm-ups with us and sang the 'woo-oo' bits to us and we had to sing them back. It cracked him up! Then he told us it was his mating call and start beating on his chest like a gorilla whilst singing it - it was so funny! :D

3. Hurricane - The Vamps

This song never fails to put a smile on my face! It's a great song to listen to if you are having a bad day. I find it can instantly lift my mood and make me feel like I can take on anything. I love songs like that! Brad, James, Connor and Tris originally wrote this song for the 2014 Disney movie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and I think it fits that whole theme perfectly! I love the upbeat tempo and the lively, uplifting lyrics.

4. Beautiful To Me - Olly Murs
I'm such a sucker for cute love songs like this one! The lyrics and the whole message of it are just so sweet!
I really love the big powerful chorus of this song, especially because I, personally, think it's quite unexpected. He's singing quite quickly and using a limited range of notes and then BOOM straight up to that note on 'love'.
Also, on the subject of this song, Olly announced literally the day before this post went up that 'Beautiful To Me' would be his next single but I had this post all planned the weekend just passed. I think he read my mind (or my drafts!)
5. Lovestruck - The Vamps
To be honest, before the concert this song had never really stuck out to me. Don't get me wrong, I loved it like all the songs on their album but it just never stuck out to me as one of my favourites the same way that 'Shout About It' and 'High Hopes' did. But they did an amazing performance of it at the concert, featuring an instrumental segment at the start where they each had a huge drum and were beating them in a really cool rhythm (I'm really bad at explaining things like this but you can see what I mean by watching this Instagram video taken by Tristan's girlfriend, Anastasia). There was fire and everything, like it was just an amazing performance - something quite different but so interesting!
But yeah, since the concert I've been listening to it so much more and I think it's becoming one of my favourites. It's another one of those cute little love songs that I'm a sucker for!
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- Caoimhe x
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