Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Top 5 Tunesday #11

Here are my 5 most listened-to songs of May...

1. Kiss Me - Lucy Hale

I love Lucy Hale and although I love all the Pretty Little Liars girls, she's my favourite. I always knew she was a singer as that was where she started her career, but I'd only ever heard one of her songs before and that was when she did pop music. I knew she'd released this album, but for some reason I'd just never got round to listening to it. But I finally did last month and it is so good! I just love the whole country vibe she has going on! 'Kiss Me' is definitely my favourite.

2. Brave, Honest, Beautiful - Fifth Harmony feat. Meghan Trainor

I love everything about this song! I love the empowering lyrics and message, the catchy tune and riff underneath and these girls' voices. It's such a feel-good song and a great one for getting up and dancing along to your heart's content!

3. Everybody Talks - Neon Trees

This song was out in 2012 so it's sort of an oldie but it's definitely a goodie! I love the whole rock vibe of the song and the lead singer, Tyler Glenn, has an amazing voice and he really showcases it in the chorus. 

4. I Really Like You - Carly Rae Jepsen

Or in other words: I Really Really Really Really Really Really Like You.

To be quite honest, I'm not a huge fan of this song. "Then why is it in your Top 5 Tunesday?" you may ask. Well, that's because it's probably the second catchiest song I've ever heard, behind All About That Bass, of course. This song was all over the radio throughout May and whether I liked it or not, it was constantly stuck in my head. Does anyone else get that where the only way you can get a song out of your head is by listening to it? Because I get that. Hence, it was my 4th most listened-to song of May.

5. River Flows In You - Yiruma

As I mentioned in my May Round-Up, I'm in the middle of my AS exams and obviously exam time can be very stressful. One thing I find really relaxes me is classical music.

I know some people hate classical music but I have a particular interest in it due to the fact that I play the violin. This is my favourite classical piece at the moment and it was my favourite the whole way through May. I just love the sound of the piano and think the melody of this piece is beautiful!

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- Caoimhe x


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