Friday, 28 August 2015

Summer Favourites 2015

I can't believe summer is over already! It absolutely flew in!!! Throughout the two and a half months I had off I discovered some things I loved - skincare products, make-up and books. So, in this post I'll share my summer favourites of 2015 with you.


1. Simple Kind to Skin Protecting Moisture Cream

I have tried and tested a lot of moisturisers but this one is definitely not just my summer favourite but my all-time favourite! When you first apply it to your face it initially feels a bit greasy but it is quickly absorbed and to the touch it feels like you haven't applied anything as it's so light. It has improved the condition of my skin immensely and my skin is about 100 times less dry than it was before I started using this moisturiser.

Another thing I love about it and which made it perfect for summer is the fact that it contains SPF 30 and it's no lie! There were several times during the summer when I went out golfing with my sisters and cousins and they came in with bright red, sunburnt faces while I was totally protected!


2. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I won't spend too long talking about this because I know that pretty much everyone and their dog has heard of this product! I use this micellar water not only to remove my make-up but also if I just feel my skin needs revitalised when I'm not wearing make-up. It's one of those products that does exactly what it claims. It's definitely a must-have!


3. Zoella Scrubbing Me Softly Smoothing Body Scrub

I was so excited when Zoe announced that she was releasing a new line of beauty products! The packaging of all the products in the Tutti Fruity range is adorable and they all smell so good! This scrub in particular stuck out for me because I'd never used a sugar scrub before and I was really pleased with the results! It feels so gentle on your skin when you apply it and so it is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

The thing that surprised me the most, however, was just how moisturised it left my skin feeling! Normally body scrubs can leave my skin feeling a bit dry and dull but this scrub was the complete opposite.


4. Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express Mascara

I am totally loving this mascara at the minute! It makes my lashes look really long an thick. The way the actual brush part is shaped allows you to apply the mascara in such a way that your lashes can stay separated, making them look really natural. Another thing I love about it is that it is really buildable- you can make your lashes as long as you want!


5. Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in the shade 'Simply Nude'

This was my go-to summer lipstick this year for a few reasons. Firstly, the colour is gorgeous! It's a really pretty baby pink, a perfect subtle colour for everyday wear. Secondly, it's such a creamy lipstick that it just glides on your lips so effortlessly and looks so good. The formula also means it leaves your lips feeling nice and moisturised. Thirdly, it has really good staying power. I find I rarely have to touch it up when I wear it which is great for summer when you would rather be having fun than worrying about your lipstick.


6. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

I read quite a few books this summer but this one was my favourite. I'd heard quite a bit about it before I read it but didn't rush into reading it because it's not really the type of book I'd normally read. However, after hearing my mum, auntie and cousin talking about it I decided to give it a go.

At the beginning I found it a bit weird - I'd never read a book before where I didn't like a single character in it. But I kept reading and after about 50 pages I just could not put it down! It was such an interesting plot and the ending came as such a surprise to me! Apparently they're making a movie of it so I'll be looking forward to seeing it.


What were your favourite summer products? Have you used any of my summer favourites or read The Girl on the Train? :)

- Caoimhe x

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