Sunday, 6 September 2015

Summer Round-Up

For the first two weeks of July I was at my holiday house. I spent the majority of my time during those two weeks on the golf course. I play in a few competitions and also just generally for the plain fun of it. I find golf is a really good way to spend summer afternoons because you get out for fresh air and exercise and, I mean, just look at the amazing view in the picture below!

In the third week of July I spent my mornings volunteering at a Spanish summer scheme for children aged 4 to 11. I take Spanish for A Level and I adore the language so when I saw this summer scheme advertised I really wanted to help out. I was delighted when the two ladies said they'd be happy to have me there! I had such a fun time there playing games and singing songs in Spanish with the children. They learnt everything from simple greetings to ordering food at the mini restaurant we had on the final day. All the children were so cute and lovely and a lot of them picked up Spanish really quickly!

That same week I also started taking driving lessons with a proper instructor. I had been out driving with my dad quite a bit beforehand and I was glad to have a bit of experience under my belt because it took away a few of the nerves I had. I really didn't need to be nervous at all, though! My instructor is really nice and he's a really good teacher. I've had 7 hours of lessons so far and I'm really enjoying them!

The following Monday my family officially gained a new member: we got a new kitten! His name is Oscar and he's the cutest little thing! He's the perfect combination between relaxed and playful. Right now he's 12 weeks old but he's growing so fast!

That same day we went back up to my holiday house and spent three full weeks there. Again, most of my time was spent golfing with my cousins and sometimes with people I didn't know before. It was so good getting to meet new people! In total in the summer I won a painting, a watch, two mugs, a golf glove and a nice woolly hat. Not too shabby! For me though my favourite achievement was getting my handicap cut to 28 in the last competition of the summer. I'd been trying so hard to get it cut all summer and all the hard work finally paid off!

The 11th of August marked my dad's 50th birthday which we spent in Athlone in the south of Ireland (you can read about my trip here). On the Friday before that, however, we had a joint party for my dad and a family-friend who had turned 50 just a few days earlier! It was such a good night and I think my dad enjoyed both the party and his actual birthday. I just can't believe he's 50 now!

When we came home after our three weeks away, it really marked the end of the summer. During the last week in August I had to go into school for an hour and a half on the Wednesday to get my timetable and a few other bits and bobs. On the Friday of that week I had to go into school again but for a different reason. It was for the first rehearsal of our school musical, Beauty and the Beast. I'm in the chorus and although I know it's going to be hectic for the next few weeks (as we perform in October!), I think it'll be such a fun experience and I'm so glad to be a part of it!

I had such a great summer. Even though I didn't go away anywhere foreign, I still felt like I got a complete break from everything when I was at my holiday house. I so enjoyed spending time with my family and friends and I know I made memories this summer that I'll have forever :)

- Caoimhe x

P.S. Here's a little thought for September:

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