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September Round-Up

The first day of September marked my first day of my last year at school. The beginning of the end, as they say. Although I've been in Upper Sixth for a month now, I still can't really fathom the fact that this time next year I won't be walking down the familiar corridors, wearing my uniform or seeing my friends everyday. My time at secondary school has gone by so fast! I feel like I was in first year, blinked and suddenly ended up here. It's crazy.

The following weekend, my mum and I spent quite a number of hours traipsing around the shops to try and find a dress for me to wear to my school formal at the end of October. However, we were out of luck, especially due to the fact that I'm 5'1'' and pretty much every dress in every shop was for girls about 5'5'' and above. Oh, the joys of being small!

The weekend after that was a busy one! It was my mum and dad's 19th wedding anniversary on the Friday so we went out for dinner to a lovely Indian restaurant. I love Indian food and this was like the crème de la crème of Indian restaurants. It was so good! Afterwards, we went up to my holiday house as my dad, my sister and I were playing in a golf competition on Saturday with my granda. I didn't play too well but it was a lovely day so at least it was worth going out!

The following morning we had to get up early and leave our holiday house at 9:30am because my brother and I had to be in school at 12pm... School... On a Sunday! Okay, well technically it wasn't school - we had to go in for a 5-hour rehearsal for our school musical, Beauty and the Beast. We had been rehearsing most days after school since the start of September and we had a full run-through of Act 1 that day. Although there were still a few unfinished numbers in Act 1 it's coming together nicely! I'm really looking forward to it and I have to say that although it has been crazily busy, I've really enjoyed being a part of it.

The next day I wasn't up for much singing or dancing or anything for that matter - I was having a minor dental operation under general anesthetic. I had an adult tooth that was stuck in the roof of my mouth which had previously been exposed after another dental operation 18 months earlier. My orthodontist had attached a bracket to the tooth with the plan of pulling the tooth down and into place using my braces, but unfortunately the tooth didn't move as much or as quickly as it should have and so I had to have it removed, which is what I had done that Monday. My mouth was quite sore and a bit uncomfortable after because of the stitches and whatnot so I was off school until the Friday of that week, which I was suppose was a good thing but I still had to do lots of work!

This was my view the whole week pretty much!
Well, actually this was! I learnt that week that Oscar loves pens!
That Saturday, my mum and I were once again on the hunt for a formal dress. We went into a shop where the assistant sent me into a changing room and threw me in dress after dress. There were a few nice A-line ones but they didn't sit right because I have quite a short torso so the part of the dress that should have sat at my waist was sitting at my hips, taking away from the whole point of emphasising my waist! Such a pain! So the girl started bringing me more fitted dresses, where the top and bottom weren't two distinct parts of the dress. Eventually, the last dress I tried on was the one (isn't that always the way?!). I just knew it. It was a nice silvery colour, with a high neckline, fitted and hugging all the right places. I felt confident in it and I just really loved it. The girl told me I would need 2 sizes smaller than the one they had in stock so she went down to check the sizes from an email the suppliers had sent and it turned out that was the smallest size they did!!! I could have cried! We went to another shop where I tried on a few dresses but nothing really stood out to me, so it was back to the drawing board.

When I got home, I went online to source a dress similar to the one I'd tried on earlier. I couldn't find one but I did find the dress that Zoe Sugg wore to her launch party for Zoella Beauty last year. I had loved that dress on her so I decided to order it just to see what it was like and thought I could send it back if it didn't fit. However, it arrived during the week and it is a perfect fit in terms of the shoulders and waist! It's just a bit long as you can see but I've left it in to a dressmaker to be taken up a bit. Other than that it's perfect and I actually love it even more than the dress I'd originally wanted!

Apart from all of this, September wasn't a totally positive month for me. It was so busy that it has left me totally exhausted. I've been working on my personal statement for my UCAS form, trying to get myself organised for my formal, attending musical rehearsals and choir practices, studying for my driving theory test as well as taking practical lessons, all on top of school work. If anything more pops up in October I may explode! Needless to say, my stress levels have been sky-high but I'm just taking one thing at a time now and it's definitely helping. Plus, I've made a massive to-do list and it's so therapeutic gradually ticking things off!

I hope you all had a good September!

Here's a thought for October:

- Caoimhe x

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