Sunday, 15 November 2015

St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion | Review

The first thing that really stood out to me about this gradual tan was the packaging. It instantly caught my eye as it really stood out on the shelf among the rest of St. Tropez's black and white packaging, and I also think its a really good size of bottle: not too little but not too much.

Another thing I really like about it is how handy it is. After you have washed yourself in the shower, you turn the shower off and apply the tan in circular motions to your wet skin anywhere that you want to be tanned. Then you just have to wait 3 minutes before turning the shower back on and rinsing it off. I know some people don't like the thought of standing in your *ahem* birthday suit in the cold for 3 minutes but I honestly don't mind it because when you compare it to an instant tan or even a normal gradual tan, you have to wait quite a while for it to sink in. I think it's great that this works in just 3 minutes and it saved me so much time!

I also love the fact that it contains Sweet Almond Oil as it leaves your skin feeling so smooth and moisturised. I have dry skin but yet I'm so lazy when it comes to having to apply body lotion after showering. Because this is so moisturising it meant I could skip applying body lotion and my skin still felt so moisturised the whole day.

As far as its performance goes, I thought it was okay. It gives a nice glow but takes a while to actually build up colour. I didn't really see much of a difference until after about 5 uses. I have used St. Tropez's Everyday Gradual Tan before and found that it built up a nice colour after about 2 or 3 uses, much quicker than this In Shower tan. I think this tan would be better for during the summer when you want to have a nice glow everyday but not much colour. I don't think I would use it if I was going to a party or a wedding or anything like that where I would want a nice tan.

Overall, I do like this product. I like the convenience of it, the packaging, how it leaves my skin feeling, and I'd say it's a good tan to use if you're looking for just a little hint of colour and a nice glow. If you're looking for a tan that will give you a darker colour gradually, then I'd probably advise you more towards the St. Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan.

Have you tried this product? If so, did you like it?

- Caoimhe x

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