Saturday, 9 January 2016

Big Little Lies | Book Review

Recently, I've been obsessed with murder mysteries. First, I started watching 'How To Get Away With Murder' (amazing TV show by the way!) and then one night I was starting a new book on my Kindle and I just felt needed something a bit more gripping and exciting than that book, so my mum recommended me some books she had read, 'Big Little Lies' being one of them. (She couldn't remember the name of the book though and said to me, "It's something 'Little Lies', hmm... Oh! Pretty Little Liars!" No, mum, I don't think you were reading the Pretty Little Liars books, haha)

I thought this book was amazing! At the very beginning you find out a parent has been murdered at a trivia night in a primary school but you don't know who has been killed, who did it or why they did it. Then it goes back to a few months earlier and we meet Madison and Celeste, who have been friends for years, and Jane, who is new to Pirriwee. The chapters in the book focus around the lives of these three women: their children, their husbands or partners, their history, and their friendship. It all leads up to the trivia night and all the pieces of the story fit together at the end for a shocking finale.

I found this book so hard to put down the whole time I was reading it! I wanted to read and read and read just so I could find out more and try and piece the puzzle together. I had my suspicions as to who had been murdered but I was so wrong! Nothing could have prepared me for the major plot twist at the end!

I think Liane Moriarty did such a good job with this book. It's a nice light read but so far from being boring! I like that she dealt with the topic of domestic abuse whilst not making it heavy or dull. Some other parts are actually quite funny and Madison is quite a funny character because she is just so sassy.

If you are into murder mysteries like 'The Girl on the Train', then I would highly recommend this book to you. It's a light read but so gripping! There were a few times when I had to physically stop myself from googling the plot of the book - I was so desperate to know what happened! I was so glad I didn't in the end because it made the ending so more satisfying and shocking.

- Caoimhe x

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