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Weekly Round-Up #1 | June 2016

Monday 30th May
I had spent the weekend with my family at our holiday house since I had a full week with no exams, meaning I didn't have to spend all my time indoors studying. We took advantage of the good weather and this afternoon my sister, my parents and I went out golfing. It was my first time playing since Easter so needless to say, I was a bit rusty on it! But it was such a nice day so I was glad I could get out and enjoy it. Unfortunately, when we got back we had to pack up and go home as my siblings had school the next day and my mum and dad had work the next day too. But it's made me so excited for spending time up there in July and August!

Tuesday 31st May
Today was a scorcher - 24°! I can't remember when it was last 24° in Northern Ireland! But I ain't complaining... Okay, maybe I will just say one thing - why is it always nice weather during exam season?! It's so hard to concentrate when you're roasting and just want to be out enjoying the sun!!! So, yeah, incase you couldn't guess I was studying all day for my French exam on Monday.

Actually, now that I come to think of it, it's quite ironic that it was so hot and sunny while I was studying French because I was revising L'√Čtranger. I'm sure some of you know this book but for those who don't it's basically about this man known as Meursault, who is an outsider in society as he doesn't conform to traditional social values. But the irony is he is really sensitive to physical sensations such as light, heat, smells and sounds and it actually drives him to kill another man. In fact, he says in one part about how the heat prevents his thoughts from forming which sounds a lot like my sentence earlier! Oh noo, please don't tell me Meursault is having that much of an influence on my life!!!

Wednesday 1st June
Today was another really hot and sunny day. I think it was warmer than yesterday - my weather app was saying it was 20° but I don't believe it! It was another day that I had to spend inside studying - yay-.- I was also a chauffeur for my siblings and my, collecting my brother and 1, coming home and then heading out for my sister again at 2:30 and then collecting my dad from work at like 8pm, but it was nice to actually get out and about. I just so want it to be 12:30pm on Monday already so A Levels can be over!!!

As you can see, when the weather gets nice I like taking pictures of my garden haha
Thursday 2nd June
Today was another warm day spent studying (the end is in sight!). I did, however, have an orthodontist appointment and got my full bottom brace put on. In my June Round-Up last year I explained how I had to get half on my bottom brace on as I had to get teeth extracted after. It's a bit uncomfortable but it'll just take a bit of getting used to. It's always funny after getting braces on though because for a few days after your lips feel like they're really sticking out and you feel like you have Kylie Jenner lips hahaha. In the evening, we had a barbecue and it was so good!

The sky looked really nice tonight!
Friday 3rd June
It's no surprise that today I was studying again today. In the evening, my mum, my sister and I went for a walk in a forest park near our house. It was nice to get some proper fresh air and the views across the lake were amazing! Afterwards, my uncle came round for dinner and a bit of a catch-up, which was nice.

Saturday 4th June
I just studied (yet again!) this morning and afternoon and then in the evening, my brother and my other sister were doing a show with their musical theatre group. The group is for children from the age of 4 right up to 13/14 so they did a few different songs altogether and then split up into their classes and each class did a bit from a different show. The oldest ones did 'We Will Rock You' which is a musical with all Queen songs in it, the 9-11 year olds did 'Bugsy Malone', the 6-8 year olds did 'Hocus Pocus' and the youngest ones did 'The Jungle Book'. It was a really good show and the youngest ones were just adorable! Some of them just stopped singing and dancing to wave at their parents and everything. It was so cute!

I forgot to take a photo today so instead please enjoy this photo of a nice flower from my garden :P

Sunday 5th June
Today was just a chilled out day spent - you guessed it - studying. My last A Level is tomorrow though, so from 12:30 tomorrow I'm freeeee! I'm so excited to be able to actually do stuff I enjoy again and to get my social life back! Fingers crossed it'll go okay!

Hope you all have had a good week! I promise my life will get more interesting from tomorrow! :)

- Caoimhe x

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