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Weekly Round-Up #2 | June 2016

Monday 6th June
Today I had my last A Level, which was bittersweet as it marked the beginning of summer and the end of exams, but it also marked the end of my time at school. I'm really sad about leaving school - the teachers, my classmates, the familiarity of everything, the school community... But I'm also excited to see what the future holds. It's now just a waiting game for my results to come in August and then I'll find out where I'll be spending the next four years of my life.

(I wrote a post all about my thoughts on leaving school, which you can read here. I actually cried a bit when writing it. HA!)

Tuesday 7th June
I feel that people who haven't done exams for a while forget how much they really take it out of you! I'm physically, mentally and and emotionally exhausted. I had a chill day today and watched an embarrassing amount of Netflix. I'm currently addicted to Jane the Virgin and I've started re-watching How I Met Your Mother from the beginning so that gives me plenty to watch!

Wednesday 8th June
Today my sister, Anna, and I went for a walk on a trail near our house alongside a river. It was a bit of a strange day because it was cloudy but really warm so it was quite a sticky heat. We walked about 5.5km and it was so peaceful!

Thursday 9th June
Today was such a busy day, which was why I didn't manage to get a post up. Sorry about that! Anna, my mum and I went shopping because we are in dire need of clothes for our holiday to Spain at the end of this month! Today we focused on Anna because it was her last day off school before her summer holiday, so I didn't really get anything except for a pair of Sketchers Go Walk 3's, which are the comfiest shoes I have ever owned! I thought they'll be good for walking around Barcelona and will be handy for slipping on and off during the summer.

Tonight was my other sister Clare's P7 show. In my primary school, they have a tradition that before the Primary 7's leave, they all put on a musical. Clare's year did Beauty and the Beast (which brought back memories of our school musical in October!) and she was Belle. Of course, as she was one of the lead roles, her hair and makeup had to be done well and it took me 2 hours because her hair is so thick!!! But the show was so good! She did me so proud up there and brought a wee tear to my eye!

Look how comfy they look!!

Friday 10th June
I woke up with such a bad headache today, but I would have felt lazy doing nothing so I went for a run. Unfortunately I couldn't run for too long as my head was pounding so bad, so I decided to just go back home, shower and have another Netflix afternoon. This evening, I went up to my holiday house in Donegal to spend the weekend there. I had a sleep in the car and my head felt better afterwards so I think I was just really tired.

Stream near where I went for a run

Saturday 11th June
Today I played in a golf competition with my auntie, my granda and my dad. It had been raining really heavily this morning but by the time we were teeing off it had eased off and thankfully it stayed off the whole time we were out. In fact, the sun even came out for an hour or two! It was such an enjoyable round of golf. I didn't play too well because I have properly played since Easter but it was great craic and my auntie actually ended up winning in the ladies' section!

Sunday 12th June
This afternoon we went to the beach to go for a walk but as soon as we got there, the sky filled in and it just poured! So, we took as a sign that it would be better to just go for a coffee! We went to a new café that had just recently opened and it was really nice! It overlooked the beach and the views would be amazing on a nice day. Afterwards, we went back to the house, got packed up and went home. As a side note, in the car I was reading Giovanna Fletcher's new book 'Always With Love' and I really like it! It's the sequel to 'Billy and Me' which I absolutely loved! I'd highly recommend both books!

Hope you all had a good week! :)
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- Caoimhe x

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