Tuesday, 30 January 2018

January Round-Up 2018

I can't believe we're a month into 2018 already! I have seen posts on social media about how January always drags in and usually I agree. However, this year for some reason it seems to have gone quite quickly!

The beginning of my January was not very fun as I ended up catching that horrible Aussie Flu which is going round. It properly knocked me out for a good week, the first 3 days or so I could barely get off the sofa. It was horrible! My body temperature kept rising and falling so quickly like nothing I've ever experienced, I felt so nauseous constantly and I had no strength at all. So yeah January, and 2018 at that, wasn't off to a great start.

On the 8th, I flew back to Bath for revision week as I had exams the 3rd and 4th week of January. Revision week was as dull as it sounds in the daytime, but in the evenings my friends and I made sure to have things planned so we would have something to look forward to after a day's work. Some evenings we watched movies, a few nights we had dinner together and some evenings we just had a cup of tea together. It made revision week so much more bearable!

On Tuesday the 16th, also the day of my first exam, I found out some very exciting news. As my degree is a joint honours with Spanish being 50%, I have a placement year next year. A few months back I decided I wanted to study at a business school in South America for half of the year, and then work in a company in Spain for the other half. So, before Christmas I had sent in my application to study at a university in Santiago as my first choice, two universities in Buenos Aires as my second and third choice and one in Montevideo, Uruguay, as my fourth. Approximately 4 hours before my EU law exam was to begin, I found out I had been offered a place at my first choice university in Santiago!!! So I'm going to be living in Chile from the end of July until the middle of December of this year and I CANNOT WAIT! One of my best friends got a place too and we're already starting to plan the travelling we're going to do while we're there!

I had another exam on Wednesday the 17th and then a few more revision days before my last exam on Monday 22nd. It was so good to finally be free of exams! My friends and I went for cocktails that evening which was a lot of fun.

The next day, my friend Lauren and I got a bus from Bath to Suffolk as we were going to stay with her grandmother for a few days in her cottage by the sea. We wanted a few days to chill and get some fresh air after days of being cooped up in the library, and that was exactly what we got. We walked 6k on Wednesday and nearly 11k on Thursday and afterwards, we watched numerous episodes of Gossip Girl and then movies in the evenings. It was such a nice few days!

On Friday I flew home to Belfast as our university gives us a week off between exam period and the beginning of semester 2, so I decided to spend it at home, where I can be most relaxed and clear my head. Or so I thought... On Friday evening, my sister was hosting a table quiz in aid of Habitat for Humanity as she will be travelling to Romania with them in the summer. I had been enlisted to help out with the event and holy crap, I did not realise how much organisation goes into a table quiz! I was run off my feet but it was a great evening and she managed to raise over £1000 which was a phenomenal amount!!

The weekend and beginning of the week were slightly quieter. On Sunday, my grandparents and my uncle came for dinner which was really enjoyable. On Monday, I had a super chilled morning and then went with my mum to run a few errands in the afternoon. On Tuesday, I had another chilled morning and then went for a walk and then coffee with my mum. Tomorrow I'm going to have a massive clearout of my bedroom so my sister and I can get it done up and I'll probably watch Gossip Girl when I do so. (Side note: is anyone else shocked/angry/devastated that Netflix is removing it on the 15th of February?! I genuinely don't know what I'm going to doooo!)

So overall, January started off not very well, got pretty busy in the middle and ended really nicely! I hope everyone has had a good January! And I hope the New Years Resolutions are still going strong! (Mine lasted a solid day I think...)

- Caoimhe x

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